The Bible is not silent when it comes to this month’s theme of friendship.  Proverbs, especially, drips wisdom and offers many helpful words of instruction to us.  This sermon is one I listen to and recommend over and over again.  See if you might be able to identify some application to your own life.  Once you sit in on this one, you will probably want to listen to the whole Proverbs series.

You can listen or watch it:

Friendship (Proverbs, 2009) by Mark Driscoll

Questions for consideration:

  1. How is Jesus a real friend to you?
  2. How can you be a better friend? To whom?
  3. Whom (if anyone) would you consider a good friend to you? Why?
  4. In light of our study, what is changing your thinking regarding friendship with whom do you need to no longer be friends, and whom do you need to pursue more intentionally?

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