Brickwork 1

With no intention to form a ministry, Cristina Alexandroni (at the time, she was Cristina Pena and completely single) simply sensed a call to encourage and empower women to know their God-given purpose in life, pray for their future husbands, families, and ministry, and inspire them to live intimately with Jesus.

Bricklayers began with a series of weekly emails she wrote to her girlfriends who attended a prayer meeting at her home. Essentially, Bricklayers began when a few girls began to pour out their hearts to God together.


As time went on, the Bricklayers tribe began to form as friends of friends began to subscribe to her weekly email.  Through months of routinely seeking what God would have her say to encourage these women, she eventually wrote the curriculum for the Bricklayers 101 class.  The first class began in September of 2011.  Since God had begun to grow this community of women Cristina sought support by forming the Bricklayers Leadership Team in August of 2012.

We’d love to share with you more about who we are, what is guiding us, our vision and mission, and where we believe we are going.

One of our favorite verses pertaining to who we are is found in Proverbs 24:27:

“Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready;

after that, build your house.”

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