“Bricklayers was a great course and I’d recommend it for any women close to marriage or wanting to make the most of the waiting season.  The teaching is sound and Spirit led, and it’s a precious time to be open and vulnerable with sisters in Christ as God shapes us in preparation for marriage.” – Jess L.

“This class is a necessity.  Where our culture and, most often, our church offer little guidance/purpose for women living out their single years, this class re-directs us not only into praying and preparing for our future husband but to the very will of God in our lives to become women submitted to Him and living for His glory and His purposes from now until eternity.  The Bricklayers class encourages, equips, and brings new vision- for which I am very grateful.” – Melissa P.

“The Bricklayers experience profoundly impacted me personally. The daily studies helped me focus during my quiet times and the content equipped me with God’s truth. I am not the same woman I was before the program.” – Lindsey E.

“I took the Bricklayers class while just beginning to date my now-husband and it was a true blessing. It gave me real, substantial resources, ideas, encouragement, and even unexpectedly some new friendships. It brought me to a new level of intentionality in every area of my life. One resource I particularly loved (and still use) was an insightful, scripture-based written prayer that can be prayed for Mr.Husband before and after he comes along.” – Laura V.

“Bricklayers has been a great experience for me… preparing for marriage takes time and I’m so stoked to have the materials and knowledge to do so.” – Hannah G.

_MG_1432“Bricklayers has helped me become more aware of what active singleness and active waiting looks like from a Christian perspective.  After going through the Bricklayers 101 course, I feel like I know what I should do in order to prepare for marriage. I think anyone who takes it will end up with a wiser, more mature perspective on the transitional season that immediately precedes tying the knot.” – Charlene R.

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