Are you new here and wondering how to prepare for marriage and draw close to Jesus?

Here’s a quick message from me, Cristina, to you about how this tribe called Beautiful Bricklayers got started:

Get ready to become more “hot and holy” in 5 steps:

#1 – Know your Purpose.

We’ve all wondered why we are here on earth and what we need to be doing.  Maybe you already know.  Either way, in order to live a meaningful, fulfilling life, we need to confront this question: what is my purpose?  We explore all of these steps in greater depth on the blog, videos, and resources.

#2 – Become a woman of Prayer.

The best way to grow in your prayer life is to simply DO IT.  When we deliberately spend time connecting with Jesus through prayer and reading His Word, the Bible, we are more able to know Him and love Him.  We learn that we are safe to make our requests known to Him and that we can confide in Him.  We become more bold and specific not only in our requests, but also in our praises.  Hopefully, in our preparation for marriage, we honestly listen to the Lord about where He wants us to grow and we can pour out our hearts to Him regarding the desires of our hearts knowing that His will is good, pleasing, and perfect. We may not know how He will lead us, but we are rest assured that He knows what is best.  Check out the class specifically focusing on Prayer.

#3 – Build your team of Partners… (aka- form your “Dream Team”)_MG_1422

If we try to go this road alone, we aren’t going to get as far as we would hope.  We all need a “dream team” of supportive, godly cheerleaders and coaches to surround us with wisdom, prayers, advice, accountability, and encouragement.  If you are really serious about preparing for marriage and knowing Jesus more intimately, you will be deliberate about seeking out godly mentors and peers.  In all your new-found wisdom, you just might find yourself sharing with a younger girl who is just as hungry as you are to grow and learn.  The class on Partnership gives more tips on how to engage in these relationships!

#4 – Get Prepared.

All these principles are simply concepts unless you roll up your sleeves and implement the ideas you are learning.  This step includes learning the importance of healthy living in all aspects of your life: spiritual, emotional, social, mental, and physical.  This means that you are responsible to take a deeper, honest look at where you are and how God is equipping  you to grow as a woman first in your singleness and then, potentially, in your future marriage.  Before you start evaluating what kind of man you would hope to marry, you will need to evaluate what kind of woman you are right now. The Preparation class covers a whole array of pointers that will encourage you in this endeavor.

#5 – Start “Bricklaying”

  • We use the term “bricklaying” to represent the action of every effort you make to lay a foundation for a godly future in singleness and marriage.
  • Gather a group of girls or ask a like-minded girlfriend to watch the Beautiful  Bricklayers 101 Class Series with you.  Take notes and make an action plan of what you will do to implement these principles.
  • Start praying daily for your future husband.
  • Get yourself a journal to take notes and keep track of your exciting adventure towards a more intimate relationship with Jesus and proactively preparing for marriage.
  • Ok, time to get going…

Make sure you check out these introduction Videos to Get You Inspired to be a “Hot and Holy” woman:

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